18 June 2011

Beautiful Dental Clinic in Section 7 Shah Alam





atas old town Atas Old Town White Coffee (section 7 Shah Alam)


the clinic before renovation...just an empty place the clinic before renovation...just an empty place


entrance Entrance


Dr Siti Fauzian          registration counter

Dr. Siti Fauzian in front of registration counter

surgery room pink & white surgery room pink & white color (seriously…very the gurlish..)


pinky Pinky


pantry rest room ( office doctor's room)

left: Pantry.               Right: rest room ( office/doctor's room)


1 of the room..for xray room soon.. 1 of the room for x-ray room…soon


welcome to Klink Dr Siti FauzianWelcome to Siti Fauzian’s Dental Surgery





Seriously mmg cantik gilerrr klinik ni…first tyme tengok macam tempat untuk dapatkan rawatan SPA….


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